Calgary Endodontist

Calgary Endodontist

Here at Chestermere station dentistry one of the services we perform is Endodontic care. Endodontic care includes root canal therapy, internal bleaching, dental implants, cracked and injured teeth, and other services. Our Calgary Endodontist is Dr. Simronjeet K.Basati. When you come to Chestermere Station Dentistry, you will find an office like no other. Both the child and the elderly can travel back in time to the early 1900s. The setting is a train station, and the office looks like you are entering one in the early 1900s. All ages can have fun and learn about the importance of good dental hygiene at the same time. Dr. Basati specializes an Endodontic care. She treats diseases and injuries that affect the roo,t the nerve of the tooth, and the tissues surrounding the tooth. She graduated with distinction from the NYU College of Dentistry. There she received her Doctorate of Dental Surgery degree. She wants to change the way patients feel about dental visits. She does everything possible to assure every patient has a pain free visit and a positive experience each time they come.

One of the services of the Chestermere Endodontics is the treatment and root canals. There are two leading causes for a root canal. One is tooth decay, and the other is tooth fracture.

In tooth decay, bacteria works its way through the pulp of the tooth. This affects the blood vessels and the nerves of the tooth. When this happens, a root canal is necessary. If a root canal is not performed the tooth can become abscessed. In a root canal treatment, the canals of the tooth or cleaned out. This makes it possible to save the basic structure of the tooth. Once the canals are cleaned, they are filled with a special material and sealed. Sometimes a post may need to be placed in the tooth for added strength. A crown is then placed on the tooth. After a root canal, the tooth will be able to function without pain.

The second type of root canal is when the tooth is fractured. This happens when there is trauma to the tooth. The tooth may be fractured and broken off to expose the nerve of the tooth and the pulp. The pulp is where the blood vessels and nerves are. And this root canal is performed using a similar procedure as when the root canal is needed because of decay.

Another service offered by Calgary Endodontics is dental implants. Dental implants are a restoration option that is more secure then a traditional denture. Regardless of whether you are missing one tooth multiple teeth or a mouthful, this may be an excellent choice. In a spot where there is no tooth the bone around it shrinks. This can cause the other teeth to shift in time. If several teeth are missing the bone loss can change how your face looks. When an implant replaces a missing tooth, the bone will grow around the implant. This way your replacement teeth function just like your original tooth. This allows you to eat talk and laugh smile without any problems.

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Calgary Endodontist Calgary Endodontist