Calgary Periodontist

Calgary Periodontist

The periodontal disease is among the most vicious oral problems you could encounter. At Chestemere Station, we rely on several steps to deal with the problem:


Preventing dental problems is the best way of maintaining top oral hygiene. Our Calgary periodontist will show you everything you need to learn about prevention and proper oral care. If you want to avoid gum disease in the long run, however, you need professional assistance along the way.

Only by visiting the dentist’s office regularly will you be able to stay safe from advancing dental problems. Periodontitis is brutal, so never having to deal with it is the way to go. Contact us now for a routine investigation to make sure you don’t have any severe oral problems!

Early diagnosis

The early diagnosis is a must when it comes to treating the condition. Periodontitis is the final and most severe stage of gum disease, but the problem is visible long before that. The initial stages involve infections of the gum, bleeding, swelling, and redness.

We can quickly identify these symptoms in the early phases and take appropriate measures in time. The earlier we begin the treatment, the easier it will be to eliminate the problem. This is why coming to our office regularly is imperative in preserving your oral health over the years.

Long-term care and support

Our Calgary periodontist will not stop at solving your problem. Our primary goal is to ensure constant support in the years to come. We will provide the best care you need to prevent the condition to return. You can easily prevent gum disease by adopting a rigorous dental care plan and combining it with regular visits to the dentist.

Our team of dentists is here to help you in beating and preventing the disease with maximum efficiency. We do this with the help of a wide variety of periodontal services, which include:

  • Deep teeth cleaning
  • Gum recession services
  • Gingivectomy
  • Tooth extraction
  • Regenerative and osseous dental surgery
  • Periodontal plastic surgery
  • Periodontal scaling, etc.

Our vast list of approaches helps us keep you safe from the disease’s progression. We focus on prevention and early treatment because these are the most effective ways of dealing with periodontitis. The critical aspect is to take action as soon as possible.

Learn the value of a healthy smile!

Many people only come to the dentist when forced. Few do so as means of prevention, yet that’s exactly what everybody should do. Gum disease starts off slow but will soon reach to advanced stages when left untreated. Don’t wait for that to happen!

Our top Calgary periodontist will make sure your oral health will remain impeccable with a minimum of effort. Call us, at Chestermere Station, for a quick investigation. Feel free to bring your children along with you, to have them checked as well. We offer extensive services for the entire family, and we focus on quality and perfection more than anything else. It’s time to learn how to smile again!

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Calgary Periodontist Calgary Periodontist